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In Colorado, if the driver of a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle) causes a crash as a result of his/her failure to use reasonable care (that degree of care which a reasonably careful person would use under the same or similar circumstances, CJI 9:6), that person is considered negligent, and is responsible for the damages resulting from the crash. A driver's failure to use reasonable care is the most frequent basis for vehicle accident claims.

If someone is damaged as a result of the other driver's failure to use reasonable care, then that person has a basis for asserting a claim. There are three different types of damages which someone can collect from the person who failed to use reasonable care (or more specifically from that person's automobile insurance company - see below):

1. Economic Damages

Compensation for past, present and future financial losses which are the direct result of the driver's failure to use reasonable care. Economic damages include medical expenses, rehabilitation or physical therapy expenses, property damages, lost wages, and out-of-pocket expenses. Economic damages include those expenses you have already incurred, as well as those which you may have to incur in the future to care for injuries sustained in the crash, or which you suffer because you are unable to return to work because of your injuries.

2. Non-Economic Damages

Compensation for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, inconvenience, emotional distress and anxiety resulting from the subject crash and associated injuries. Non-economic damages are very subjective; in other words, they are your personal, emotional, psychological experience resulting from the experience of the crash.

3. Permanent Damages

Disability or disfigurement (physical or mental) which is permanent in nature. This includes a scar, a mental impairment, a limp, a missing limb, or pain which persists for a length of time despite medical care.

It is the law in Colorado for all drivers of vehicles to carry automobile insurance on the vehicles they are driving. When someone fails to use reasonable care and causes a collision, which in turn causes damages to another person, the driver's insurance company is required to pay for those damages caused by the collision. If the driver who failed to use reasonable care did not have auto insurance, you may still be able to recover for your damages from your own auto insurance carrier (Uninsured Coverage or UM). Likewise, if the driver who failed to use reasonable care did not carry enough insurance to fully compensate you for your damages, you may be able to recover additional damages from your own auto insurance carrier (Underinsured Coverage or UIM).

When an insurance company, be it that of the driver who failed to use reasonable care, or your own, is unwilling to fairly and adequately compensate you for your damages, Dominick Law is there to assist you. We will negotiate with the insurance company until they are reasonable, or we will file suit. If you have been damaged as a result of another person's failure to use reasonable care (negligence), contact Dominick Law and we will advise you regarding the compensation to which you are entitled and deserve, and we will fight on your behalf until you receive that compensation.

Finally, do not wait until the last minute to get advice. Whether you contact Dominick Law or another law firm, do it sooner rather than later. Every case has a time limit within which you must act, or you may forever lose the right to act. That time limit is called the Statute of Limitations, and it usually begins to run on the date of the collision which resulted in your damages.

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