$2,000,000 Dental Malpractice Case

Ludmila Dosien V Ronald Dorsey

Judge: Denver District Judge Shelley Gilman

Plaintiff's Attorneys:: Paul Mahoney and Kevin Mahoney of the Mahoney Law Firm and Christopher Dominick of the Law Office of Christopher Dominick

Type of Claim: Dental Malpractice

Ludmila Dosien claimed that her dentist, Dr. Ronald Dorsey, was negligent and caused an infection to develop when treating tooth deca under an existing crown. The infection spread to her heart, and Dosien was treated at Denver Health with the drug "Gentamycin"that caused an inner ear injury leaving her with permanent vertigo. She is now unable to walk without a cane, cannot drive, cannot read and cannot watch TV for more than a few minutes at a time. She was unable to do most daily activities without difficulty.

Dorsey, however, denied negligence and also causation for Dosien's injuries.

The jury, following a trial from Dec. 13th to 21st, returned a verdict for a total of $2 million, including $300,000 for non-economic losses, $63,089 for future non-economic losses and $1.6 million for future economic losses.