Don't Slip Into Pain and Suffering; Don't Crash into Debt

Turn to a auto injury lawyer for help in Littleton and Denver, CO

Have you been in an auto accident, as a result of the negligence of another? Call on The Law Office of Christopher B. Dominick, P.C. of Littleton and Denver, CO for an auto accident lawyer today. Our team will fight for you and work hard to get you the auto injury settlement you deserve.

Three important things to do after an auto accident

At The Law Office of Christopher B. Dominick, P.C., our goal is to recover all financial losses that were a direct result of your injuries, and hold those who caused your injuries legally accountable. To assist in this process you should:

1.Evidence - Take photos of the scene, and any vehicle involved in a collision, for future reference and use in court

2.Diary - Keep a running diary which keeps track of how you're feeling, and details all medical attention you receive

3.Don't wait - Call us right after your auto accident, and we'll help you through the process

Your primary focus should be recovery, attending your doctor appointments, and concentrating on getting yourself back to your normal life. We will deal with the insurance companies, oversee all matters related to your loss, and at the appropriate time begin negotiations with the insurance company to get you fairly compensated.

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