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"Christopher Dominick (Buck) came highly recommended to us when we needed help in a legal matter. No one ever wants to be involved in a lawsuit, but at times it becomes necessary. Buck was compassionate about our situation and genuinely concerned. He made the process simple and uncomplicated for my family. He was able to resolve our case without going to trial, making life much less stressful for us. I would highly recommend him to others."



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A major go-getter, Buck assisted my family with, in my opinion, a legal matter way below his expertise. Nonetheless, he embraced our frustration and determination to pursue a right outcome for us, the 'little' guy. We met with Buck for about 40 minutes to seek advice only on how to proceed with our case. We presented our documentation and facts to him and asked how to proceed. Buck reviewed our paperwork, considered the facts and provided the guidance we were looking for.

But then, to our surprise, he took our request one step further. He took a proactive step and placed a phone call for us. Amazing that even though we had made the same call and said the same words that Buck did, his phone call brought immediate results. For 7 months we had this legal issue looming over us, knowing that we were not liable but couldn't get anyone to listen to us. Within 2 weeks Buck received a resolution to our case. His compassion for us was overwhelming and his willingness to help went above and beyond anything we had anticipated. A caring man, a quality attorney. Someone on the side of the 'little' guy! Thank You, Buck, from the bottom of our hearts! The Beckers



Mr. Dominick helped me in a previous motor vehicle accident and he was wonderful! He isn't one of those greedy PI attorneys, that tries to make things worse than they really were, he actually listens to what you would like done. I terminated my initial counsel because they kept trying to exacerbate my condition to get more money from the insurance company. All I wanted was fair compensation and with Mr. Dominick's assistance, I was able to receive that. I highly recommend this law firm, you are in great hands with Mr. Dominick.


My husband, daughter and I connected with Buck after our auto accident. It was a three-car accident and complex handling with insurance, insurance payments and medical bills. Buck and his staff made this a very easy process for us. He got to be the bad guy to the insurance companies and really fought on our behalf. Insurance companies can be sneaky..even your own. I highly recommend Buck's Law office. He was excellent, always available and was able to get us financial support for this accident. I HIGHLY recommend this team!


I cannot say enough good things about Buck. 100% professional, 100% attorney.



Buck took my Dental case when no one else would, I just received my settlement check. He was very professional and I was very pleased with the result. I would highly recommend his services.


I simply cannot say enough good things about the Law Office of Christopher B. Dominick. From start to finish Buck treated me with dignity and respect. He always took the time to patiently explain the case strategy in a way that I could understand. During the trial, I was so impressed with his eloquence. Because of his expertise, I was awarded the largest dental malpractice judgment in Colorado History. The insurance company never made an offer to settle. Buck turned my darkest hour into one of hope. I will be forever grateful. And that says it all.


My experience with Buck Dominick was, he won my dental malpractice case! Buck was very thorough. He kept me informed and was direct on the progress of the case, and in what direction we should go next.

I had complete trust in his suggestions and with the experience he already held as an attorney. Buck was referred to me by two of Denver's high profile and best in their field Doctors. Certainly, one of the best attorneys I've had experience with. I would recommend his service in a heartbeat! He is truly one of the most honest and experienced attorney's out there!



I have had the pleasure of working with Buck on a few occasions over the past eight years. His straight-forward approach to the law helps his clients feel that they are not only putting their trust in someone capable, but also one that is principled. As I have in the past, I will continue to seek his consult regarding future legal matters.


Buck Dominick was a pleasure to work with! My dental malpractice case (nerve damage following wisdom tooth extraction) ran so smoothly I forgot I was in the middle of litigation. Buck executed my case in a timely fashion and his overall performance was phenomenal. Buck has tremendous bedside manner and treated me more like family rather than just a case number. But most importantly, I was well rewarded by working with him.


Great experience with Buck, he took my case and came through for me. Very professional and personal. I hope I don't need him again, but if so, I would do it. This was a medical malpractice case, and we won. Amazing, eh?


I had a very "horrific" dental malpractice suit involving bad dental implants, and Buck and his wonderful staff spent hours and hours on my case. Buck was very calm, laid back and honest about how the case could go. His sense of humor got me through the long grueling trial, which he successfully won.


As a recent transplant to Colorado and undergoing medical treatment last year, I had the misfortune of getting rear-ended which totaled my car. Mr. Dominick handled my settlement in full. He completely took away the stress of having to deal with insurance companies so that I could focus on my health.


Buck Dominick is a straight shooter, upfront and an attorney who delivers on his word! He has the integrity to treat his clients with dignity and the skills to defend them in whatever situation his expertise requires. I went to him with a car accident incident and he successfully managed a settlement that was just and concluded in a timely manner. And he has a good sense of humor.


My experiences with Buck Dominick have been excellent. I have, unfortunately for me, had to use him several times: dental malpractice (two bad root canals), a car crash case, and in a bad-faith lawsuit against my own insurance company.Mr. Dominick is a wonderful attorney who is very knowledgeable about dental malpractice, personal injury, and insurance bad faith law, and treats his clients with respect. He will help in any way possible to ensure that you will receive what you deserve for your loss. I was very pleased with the way everyone in the office is so polite and cordial every time I came in or called. I have successfully recovered what I deserved in my cases, and he will do his best to do the same for you.


I was referred to Buck by several local attorneys because of his expertise in the area of dental malpractice. He resolved my case (dental malpractice: crown and root canal) in a short amount of time, without the need for a lengthy court battle. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good attorney - particularly in this day when no one really hears you or cares - Buck is the perfect example of a neighborhood attorney. He cares, he is there and able to help you with any number of legal issues.


Buck Dominick gives lawyers a good name. It seemed as though every time I called him he had been working on something to do with my case. Whether it was good news or bad news he always had something for me. I am so glad I found Buck as a lawyer. He was patient with me, and with my dental malpractice case, and we successfully settled it for more than I ever imagined was possible. Now I have not only a lawyer but a friend.